Who is Dr. Kazunori Furuta?

People often ask why I became a Medical Doctor. Well, the answer is simple: I did it to help people live happier healthier lives and also to ease their pain and suffering.

I studied medicine at Kitasato University and received wonderful education and training in cancer treatment. I am an accomplished surgeon with many valuable years of experience treating various types of cancer.

So, Why Choose Medical Brunch?

1Cutting Edge Medical Services

Although Tokyo has any number of clinics, we at Medical Brunch differ based our our three tenements. Our Cutting Edge Medical Services, Tranquil and Serene Relaxation Space, and most importantly ー our Hospitality that sets apart from everyone else.

1)Early Detection, Early Treatment
2)Preventive Medicine
3)Treatment Incurable Diseases despite other doctors giving up


2Tranquil and Serene Relaxation Space